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  • Davenport Access Track, Mount Hotham VIC, Australia
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During winter, Davenport Access track, located near Kongoola and other iconic private ski lodges and accommodation, is a beginner to intermediate rated ski run that provides access to the Village (Audi Quattro) Quad Chairlift. This 1.3km decline provides a good warm up for the day of skiing or snowboarding. It should be noted, the Chairlift servicing this trail does not operate before 08:30am.

During summer, Davenport Access track provide access to Swindlers Valley for the enthusiastic mountain bike (MTB) riders who do not mind riding out of the valley and walkers who can access the plethora of wonderful Hotham trails and historic walks.

This video starts at the top of Frosty Drop and follows Davenport Access Trail to the bottom of Village Quad Chair Lift.