• The Four Leaf Clover
  • Starts at the bottom of Village (Quattro) Chair, Mount Hotham VIC, Australia
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The Four Leaf Clover is a series of loops (11km circuit) created by four of the lifts @ Hotham (Village, Blue Ribbon, Road Runner & Heavenly Valley, which covers intermediate (blue square) terrain. Starting at the bottom of Davenport Access Trail, ride the Village (Quattro) Quad Chair and disembark to the left, following the trail under the Hot Plate Drive chalets to Hells Corner.

Dropping down Hoggs Back take care when crossing the Davenport Access trail and then let them run amongst the sheltered snow gum run that finishes at the Blue Ribbon Tripple Chair. After riding the chair up to the Hotham Staff Quarters, follow the access trail around to the right back towards Varsity Drag and Hoggs Back. Ride either of these two runs as far as Davenport Access Track and enjoy the picturesque ride back down to the bottom and catch the Village Quad back to Hotham Central.

Disembark and roll down through the basin and follow the Playground Access trail around to the bottom of the Sun Run and jump on the Road Running Quad Chair. Disembark the chair to the left and cruise down the left hand side of the Summit Run and cross over the road and lean into the Sun Run. At the bottom of the Sun Run roll past the Road Runner and drop into Sundowner, taking care to make the left hand turn into Slalom Gully rather than the right hand plunge down Pump House Drop.

A short cruise along Slalom Gully brings you to the Heavenly Valley Chair. Enjoy the ride to the top and disembark to the left and look for the Blue Run 'Mother Johnson's Return'. Enjoy this fast rolling cat track which brings you back under the Road Runner Quad and back to Gully Catwalk. This time ignore Sundowners and allow the legs to rest a bit as you roll down to the start of Slalom Gully.

Slalom Gully is an entry level Blue Run, often made more difficult by the vast number of riders seeking to graduate themselves from the Green Runs for the first time, which guides all of the riders falling out Heavenly Valley back to the chair lift. Ignore the chair and the Snake Gully Hut at the bottom of Slalom Gully and pop over the lip into Swindlers Trail and enjoy a very relaxing run back to the base of the Village Chair.

* Points to note:
1. I imagined this circuit would look like a four leaf clover as I skied it, but the kids think the circuit looks like a whale or Tucan bird.
2. The clover leaf can only be achieved if the Blue Ribbon Quad is running, which is a lucky day at Hotham.
3. Conditions and snow cover will determine whether runs are upgraded from a Blue to Black Run.
4. Check lift times for opening and closing times.
5. Always ride in control and within your ability.
6. Enjoy and feel free to add your own track notes to our growing collection.