• Day 4 - Crooked River Chimney Rock Campsite to Antelope (73 miles)
  • Crooked River, Klamath County OR, United States of America
  • Website

Day 4 Brian rides from 73 miles from Crooked River Chimney Rock Campsite to Antelope

According to wikipedia Antelope is a rural small town in Wasco County, Oregon, United States. Antelope had an estimated population of 47 people in 2012. Other than a post office, Antelope has no businesses or service industry venues.

Antelope was originally a stage and freight wagon road stop on the old Dalles to Canyon City Trail. Howard Maupin came to Antelope in 1863 to operate a horse ranch, becoming the caretaker of the stage station that was established by Henry Wheeler. Maupin began raising cattle to provide meat for travelers. Nathan Wallace, who is sometimes credited with being Antelope's first postmaster, acquired the Antelope stage station from Maupin in 1870. Records indicate the community was considered to have been established in 1872. The town was incorporated as the City of Antelope in 1901.

In the early 1980s, hundreds of members of the Rajneesh movement moved in and built a small city in previously unoccupied land they purchased. The Rajneesh cult members effectively took over the government of the city by outnumbering the original residents with new voter registrations. On September 18, 1984, a vote was held, and the city was renamed Rajneesh, Oregon. By 1985, after several of the Rajneesh movement leaders were discovered to have been involved in criminal behavior (including a mass food poisoning attack and an aborted plot to assassinate a U.S. Attorney), their cult leader fled the country as part of a negotiated settlement of federal immigration fraud charges, and the Rajneesh commune collapsed. On November 6, 1985, the city voted to revert to the name Antelope.

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